• Porsche Rosmon

Are Entrepreneurs broke?

Definitely........ especially when starting out. I am speaking from personal experience here. I have been an entrepreneur for a little over a month and I am in the negative. I have had to pick up several side hustles in order to eat. Bills come in fast especially when you take the leap of faith without any savings. There has been a ton of judgement surrounding the fact that I took the leap of faith without having the planned three months saving in place. I honestly decided that my mental health was more important than the perceived "security" of the 9 to 5 job. When I bounced ideas off another entrepreneur who has been doing this, "entrepreneurship," since she graduated college says that it is a continuous cycle of ups and downs and you learn to live like your "down" even when things are amazing so that you can counteract the slow seasons. What do you think?

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