All Sales are final. No exceptions.

*Once package has been scanned by delivery service for shipment, all delivery claims and disputes must be handled between buyer and shipping company.*
If during shipping, your package is delayed, lost or damaged because of Mother Nature’s bad weather, any other natural disaster, any unpredictable or unpleasant circumstances, we are not responsible. Please allow 2-4 weeks for fashion/boutique items. Shirt orders are processed in 7-12 business days although larger orders may take longer.

$12 Remake waiver
For an additional $12.00 per item we will cover the “one time” remake and shipping for damaged or lost goods within 5 business days of receiving tracking id and promptly making a claim with photo proof of damaged item and or snapshot proof of item lost in transit via US post office tracking system. You may purchase additional remake waiver(s) on newly made items for the same $12.00 fee per item. Without this purchase you are subject to the terms and conditions of the disclaimer noted on your invoice. Please ask for more details if further clarity is needed.